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Psychic Medium

Toni Reed

Connecting you with a piece of Heaven on Earth.

Welcome! I'm happy you're here. I’m an Intuitive Psychic Medium based in Illinois. From a young age I realized I was blessed with a gift that enabled me to see and sense things others could not. Although at that time I didn't understand what that meant or how to even describe what I "knew" and "saw". Into my adult life as I had lost loved ones so close to me on my journey. I yearned for the wisdom and connection I once had with my loved ones. When I finally dove into my gift of psychic mediumship, I got so much healing and peace, that I could not keep it to myself anymore. I spent years studying and researching my abilities. I participated and continue to in mentorships and masterminds. I obtained certificates in Mediumship, Reiki and Life Coaching. I’m grateful that you are here. Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit is an honor. Their messages are always so healing for you, and for me too.

What to expect.

My purpose when connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, is to provide you with evidence that they are still very much around you. Guidance and clarity on past issues, present obstacles, and future endeavors. My loving intention is that I provide to you the pure essence of your passed loved ones, and you leave your reading with peace and healing.


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My reading was phenomenal. Toni relayed many specific things she could not have known any other way but through my (departed) loved ones. She also delivered not just one but two messages that brought peace and healing that I have needed for years. I am so grateful for my experience with with her.

Jacki Simons

Toni and the gift she has are amazing! I feel very blessed to have met her. She helped bring peace and closure to me. I will be forever grateful.

Jennifer Malottki

I have received several readings from Toni. They were amazing and so accurate and uplifting. Toni is such a sweet person, you can see why Spirit comes to her. Her messages from my loved ones leave me feeling so fulfilled and happy, I am so grateful to Toni for sharing her gift with me.

Claire Mahfouz Laubach

Work With Toni

Are you ready to connect to your passed loved ones? Are you ready to gain the peace, healing, and clarity you have been seeking? During your mediumship reading, I will deliver evidential messages to show you that your loved ones are still supporting you. If you're ready for your loving messages, click the book now button below.

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